Hard Weather Makes Good Wood
ICE records the debut CD of composer John Morrison

" judging from this case, Morrison has one hell of a decade in front of him."
Edward Sackett, Senior Music Editor, The College 500"

'John's work reminds us that we can't become paralyzed. There always have been and always will be forces beyond our control, but those forces don't define us. We are defined by the ways we weather the storms; we are defined by our struggles. Life is a challenge to which we can, and must, rise. Springtime is a joy and a blessing, but hard weather makes good wood.'' Liner Notes by Bill Snyder

I Dig

"the hippest bar gigs of the year. . . smashing production"
Minneapolis Star Tribune


I Dig recalls an evening (4/29/00) when a new music ensemble played lounge music at a Minneapolis nightclub...Crime jazz, exotica, bachelor pad music, played by a band known for its performances of Maxwell Davies, Varése, Nancarrow and Zappa. . .The show capped an ICE tour through the Midwest, when Schulthess unleashed the full fury of his band, everybody looked at one another in wild surmise. The looks said: 'These cats are bad' Liner notes by Dr. Phil Ford

Includes performances of Prelude Fugue and Riffs by Leonard Bernstein, Touch of Evil by Henry Mancini, Taki Rari by Yma Sumac, and the World Premiere of Three Views of Havana by Robert Drasnin

180° from Ordinary

"180° from Ordinary, the group's debut recording, is a tour de force of technical ability and engaging new music"
Minneapolis Star Tribune

The Black Page by Frank Zappa, Four for Tango by Astor Piazzola, Black Roller by Libby Larsen as well as compositions by Gubaidulina, Trenka, Gleck, and Siskind